Training and Competence


The law requires that you provide whatever information, instruction and training is needed to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of your employees.


Training is any activity that leads to skilled behaviour. Training also leads to knowledge and supports competence. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines health and safety training as covering all training and developmental activities that aim to provide workers, safety representatives and managers with: a greater awareness of health and safety issues. Competence on the other hand is about being able to do something effectively and efficiently. Competence is also about knowing your limitations and when to call on advice from others.


In every organisation there is a need for competence, and for training and development systems that support competence. In the HSE's 'Strategy on Health and Safety Training' the vision of the strategy is: "Everyone at work should be competent to fulfill their roles in controlling risk."


At Safety Zone we know that businesses need skilled and competent employees, and that excellent health and safety training is critical as we strive for the best operating standards in all aspects of our organisations. We also know that we live and work in a very fast moving and demanding environment, and many organisations are working to very short deadlines. This means that getting the right quality of training, at the right time, and at a location that suits your organisation is essential.


We also know that at times it can be very difficult to get everyone you want to attend a training session in the one place at one time!


This is why Safety Zone provides health and safety training on fixed dates at fixed locations nationwide or can provide bespoke courses at your choice of location, on your chosen date whatever the size of your group.


All the health and safety training provided by Safety Zone is IOSH certified and the attendees all receive IOSH certification so that you can be assured of the quality of the training and the training provider.


We believe that good health and safety training must:


  • Be delivered by suitably trained and competent trainers
  • Meet the highest of standards (IOSH)
  • Be interesting, and be relevant and usable to the employee and their job
  • Provide a recognised certificate


That is why at Safety Zone we stick to what we know we do best, and why we keep what we do very simple and very flexible. None of us has time to waste these days!