Safety Zone's training can bring many benefits to your organisation!



  • We can tune our courses to suit your own particular business and type of industry, e.g. we can include your organisation's health and safety policy, aims and objectives, risk assessment processes, operating systems and procedures in to the course content. With this approach, your employees benefit from health and safety training which includes everything they need to work safely as one of your employees.
  • We have no minimum number of attendees. While it is best to have between 5 and 15 people on the course we can work with any number.
  • Unlike many other companies we are not limited to a fixed geographical area; where you need us to be is where we will be!
  • We can organize a venue if that helps you.
  • While the Managing Safely course is a four day event, we recognize that it can be very difficult or even impossible to release employees from the organisation for that length of time. Therefore, we can provide this course over an extended period e.g. one day a month for four months or other combinations that suit your needs.
  • We can even provide theses courses over weekends if necessary.
  • We can work with any combination of dates, times, and locations, nationally or internationally.