What will the employer get out of this training?



  • Nationally and internationally recognised and respected health and safety certificated training for all their employees.
  • Peace of mind offered by training that's designed and quality-controlled by the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, the internationally recognised, chartered body for health and safety professionals.
  • Minimum disruption to working days and shifts - the one-day programme includes the assessment, so there's no need to free up further time for a test after the course.
  • The Working Safely course meets internationally recognised guidance and best practice for introductory health and safety training and is a 100 per cent match to the UK Health and Safety Executive's 'passport' syllabus.
  • Flexibility - the programme can be delivered in slots that suit the business.
  • Two key areas - health and safety and environmental basics - are covered in a single self-contained session or programme.